Ağıtın Sonu

The End of the Perception explores the feeling of belonging to something, in a place of modern life turmoil, starting from the story of a woman who wants to be happy, embraces memories and dreams, hopes and feels regret. A sad tale of a dreamlike city

To walk side by side with this beautiful and smug guy, he has not forgotten his encounter with the previous month … The bird singing in his heart wings, put on his cheeky cheeks, two wire whites flocked in his hair that was broken yesterday evening, didn’t stop, wings in his eyes, and got into a smile on his lip. White covered restaurant tables, green beans with olive oil, island shore, rainy evenings, fairy tales … Mountain and rancid distant relatives “Dağ What happened to Lodos?, Middle-aged women, divorced, never married, list of singles … Fatma and Kerem, the boy with Dilnaz … Memories … Frustrations, delusions, familiar folk songs on the radio, Ya Hızır !, ır Love me with my fault bild, we’re like caged birds alar Violet Earth, who wants to be happy, memories and He tells the story of a woman who embraces dreams, hopes, loves and fears, and experiences regrets. A sad tale of a city full of dream.


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